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How CEOs Get Projects Done Successfully

The 12 Secrets of a Rapid Transformation

Do you have a strategic plan, but there seems to be a gap between your vision and your company’s reality? How CEOs get Projects Done Successfully: The 12 Secrets of a Rapid Transformation is the tool you need to bridge that gap! Iliya Krastev outlines each of the critical pieces necessary to drive a successful project or any organizational change, through his project platform.

As the CEO, Iliya helps you to see how what you model for your leadership team will mean achieving your vision. Iliya defines how CEOs can shape corporate culture to embrace innovation and change at all levels. As a business value advisor, tutor, and entrepreneur, Iliya uses his real-life experience to define the critical skills necessary for successful transformation. With this book, Iliya gives CEOs a much-needed wakeup call and the game plan to drive their company forward.

How CEOs get Projects Done Successfully focuses on the importance of consistency and transparency in leadership, as well as the ability to shift and prioritize strategic initiatives to remain relevant. If you are defining the next moves of your organization or contemplating a significant reorganization, Iliya provides tips to build the right team to bring your transformation to life.

If you are ready to take your company to the next level or completely shift directions, then How CEOs get Projects Done Successfully: The 12 Secrets of a Rapid Transformation is the guide to get inspired and motivated to bring your vision to life!

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About the Author

Mr. Iliya Krastev is a transformation and change management value advisor with many successful projects under his lead. He has hands on experience in all roles of the project completion success journey: as a customer, implementation partner, consultant, pre-sale executive, CIO, country manager, partner, advisor to a minister, and a vendor. With his deep industry experience in telecommunication, fintech, hospital management, public sector, as well as manufacturing, Iliya brings tools, knowledge, and skills to companies around the world. He has started two businesses from scratch: a management consulting practice, and an IPTV provider. 
Currently, Iliya is a senior value advisor at SAP. He is responsible for both the ERP portfolio of products, as well as developing new analytical, IoT, Big Data, digital agenda projects on top of SAP Cloud Platform. For the past 7 years Iliya is lecturing in project management in master’s degree program “Electronic Business” at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics in Sofia University. As an author and consultant, he offers businesses and organizations the tools to create a successful transformation and meet strategic goals and long-term objectives
Iliya Krastev holds a BA in Business Administration from the American University in Bulgaria, an MA in Rhetoric from Sofia University, and a Global MBA from Alliance Business School at the University of Manchester in UK. He holds various certifications in project management, as well as business technology software and IT architecture tools.

How CEOs Get Projects Done Successfully

The 12 Secrets of a Rapid Transformation

Chapter 1 “It’s all About You”

Your success is about taking ownership of the project management process.

Chapter 2 “Context is Important”

Context according to the PESTLE tool as well as the Micro vs Macro framework is crucial.

Chapter 3 “Transforming Your Organization”

Let’s talk about your conviction, your mindset, the commitment via investment and the relationship with stakeholders.

Chapter 4 “Operationalizing Success”

Shall we dive into how to create an innovate mindset? Let’s also not overlook the strengths and weaknesses.

Chapter 5 “Implementing Change for Meaningful Transformation”

Let us dive deeper into the factors/secrets that make a transformation meaningful.

Chapter 6 “Managing Priorities When the Environment Shifts”

You need the secrets on how to manage the priorities in increasingly uncertain times.

Chapter 7 “Grow Your Leadership to Leave a Legacy”

Let us discuss the secrets to professionally develop yourself and your team.

Chapter 8 “Taking Risks to Build Revenue and Create Growth”

What are the secrets of a good to great story teller?

Chapter 9 “Attracting Talent for Success”

Why and how your organizational talents are the secrets to your success?

Chapter 10 “Turning Your Vision into Reality”

Let us describe your success in vivid and present terms.

How CEOs Get Projects Done Successfully

The 12 Secrets of a Rapid Transformation

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