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Do you have a strategic plan, but there seems to be a gap between your vision and your company’s reality? How CEOs get Projects Done Successfully: The 12 Secrets of a Rapid Transformation is the tool you need to bridge that gap! Iliya Krastev outlines each of the critical pieces necessary to drive a successful project or any organizational change, through his project platform.

As the CEO, Iliya helps you to see how what you model for your leadership team will mean achieving your vision. Iliya defines how CEOs can shape corporate culture to embrace innovation and change at all levels. As a business value advisor, tutor, and entrepreneur, Iliya uses his real-life experience to define the critical skills necessary for successful transformation. With this book, Iliya gives CEOs a much-needed wakeup call and the game plan to drive their company forward.

How CEOs get Projects Done Successfully focuses on the importance of consistency and transparency in leadership, as well as the ability to shift and prioritize strategic initiatives to remain relevant. If you are defining the next moves of your organization or contemplating a significant reorganization, Iliya provides tips to build the right team to bring your transformation to life.

If you are ready to take your company to the next level or completely shift directions, then How CEOs get Projects Done Successfully: The 12 Secrets of a Rapid Transformation is the guide to get inspired and motivated to bring your vision to life!

“Iliya Krastev truly cares about the success of his customers’ projects! His ideas and professional knowledge in the field of project management, together with the extensive industry knowledge that he has in various businesses, makes him truly outstanding. It’s amazing to be part of the projects he is leading, to see his dedication and persistence in achieving the goals. The practical experience that he shares with customers for their business success is all there in his book, How CEOs Get Projects Done Successfully.”

Nedelcho Delchev, Manager ‘Partner relations’ at SAP Labs

“It is always good to have a value advisor for your business, someone with deep knowledge of the subject matter and the peculiarities of your project. It is even harder to find someone from outside your organization, who is flexible enough to become a member of your team and instantly start to add real value to your business. With his professional experience, Iliya, is someone I know to be that trusted advisor, someone capable of leading a project to success. With his book “How CEOs get Projects Done Successfully” he is sharing his approaches and methods, and a few of his secrets too, so that you can be successful as well!”

David J. White, Managing Director, Sphera International

“Iliya is a trusted advisor and friend. He has a remarkably “simple” way of making the art of project management into a tool for definitive success. How CEOs Get Projects Done Successfully has a sincere personal tone that gets you right where you need to be in your organization in order to be a successful leader.”

Tancho Fingarov, Executive Director, Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore

“Iliya is a fun professional to work with. His deep and versatile experience in project management is of value to any senior leader in an organization, be it big or small. I would highly recommend his book, How CEOs Get Projects Done Successfully, as it outlines the framework of managing projects by senior managers, independent of their actual role for the particular project or program!”

Anton Gerunov Ph.D, COO at LogSentinel

“I have known Iliya as a reliable and trustworthy professional and friend. His book, How CEOs Get Projects Done Successfully, is a must-read that highlights how important it is that every senior manager has a project framework in bridging the organization’s resources with the traits of an individual leader for achieving success. This is key in making every project or program count.”

Svetozar Georgiev, co-founder of Telerik, Telerik Academy and Campus X

“Iliya is a reliable professional on whom I rely very much! He is top notch in the project management field, both from a theoretical and practical point of view. We have worked together successfully in the public sector, the corporate sector and the educational sector.His book, How CEOs Get Projects Done Successfully, is so easy to read and so simple to apply in the real life! Strongly recommend!”

Kamen Spassov PhD, Head of e-Governance Laboratory at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

“Iliya practices what he preaches and shows his pragmatic approach to project management. His project framework has some ‘secrets’ that naturally unfold in his book, making it an easy to follow approach in a subject matter overloaded with information and data. Iliya’s book is a great value not only to senior executives but to anyone involved in projects within an organization.” 

Georgi Dzhalazov, CFA, Business Planning and Strategy Leader at Microsoft, Seattle USA

How CEOs Get Projects Done Successfully

The 12 Secrets of a Rapid Transformation

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